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The group’s science: Dental Pulp Stem Cells (DPSCs) hold the torch to plethora of non-therapeutic and therapeutic applications. DPSCs acquired genetic information predicts not only oral related predisposed conditions but also gives clues with heart and diabetic conditions. The technology of dental implants has advanced rapidly in recent years to provide a solution to the aesthetic, functionality and health issues resulting from missing teeth in periodontum.Conventional dental implants are not the perfect solutions for replacing missing teeth as the healing process extends for many months and rejection of the implant occurs in patients with their inability to biologically integrate at the site of implantation. The answer could lie in the group’s highly researched program Stem Cell-Dental Implant Biocomplex which could well be the next generation guided tool in regenerative dentistry.

Taking evidences from literature and research on various levels of stem cell technology, studies on creation of natural three-dimensional scaffolds to regenerate tooth, their in-house R&D, productization efforts, input and participation of practising Implantologists/prosthodontists, Bioactive regenerative tool technology is a new age offering from Transcell Biolife to the specialists treating periodontal diseases.